Check your learner’s Digital Skills

Use our new Digital Skills Checkers to understand your learner’s needs.

Digital skills programs have the greatest impact when shaped by learners’ needs and interests.

Good Things Foundation has created two brand new tools to support digital mentors to better understand their learners’ needs and measure the impact of our digital skills programs:

The Digital Skills Checkers have been designed to assess your learners’ level of confidence doing essential, everyday activities online and provide instant, actionable steps on how to improve.

We have worked with experts to design the two Checkers with Be Connected program learners and our network partners in mind. They support digital mentors and learners to set learning goals and find relevant digital skills information to help them do more online.

Good Things Foundation’s Digital Skills Checkers are free and available for anyone to use.

Webinar: Learn about our Digital Skills Checkers

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How does it work?

People wanting to start improving their digital skills and confidence fill in the initial Digital Skills Checker - Getting StartedThey answer a range of questions and the Checker generates a personalised report with recommended next steps they can follow to do more online.

The learner can choose to share their results with the digital mentor they are working with. The digital mentor can use these results to tailor their support.

After the learner has received support to improve their digital skills and confidence, they fill in the follow-up Digital Skills Checker - Your Progress. This will generate a new personalised report with recommended next steps so they can keep learning!

Digital Skills Checker resources

We have developed resources to help you to incorporate the Digital Skills Checkers into your programs.

Go to the Digital Skills Checkers:

If you have an active Building Digital Skills grant from Round 29 onwards in the Be Connected program, you can view your updated grant T&Cs that include the new Checkers by logging in to your account.

Frequently Asked Questions:

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Who can use the Checkers?

Anyone can choose to use our Digital Skills Checkers! They are both free and available online.

We have designed the Checkers with Be Connected program learners in mind, but it is available for your staff and volunteers to have a go at as well.

Organisations holding a Building Digital Skills grant from our Be Connected program will use the Checker tools as part of their day-to-day support with learners.

I have/want to apply for a Building Digital Skills grant - what do I need to do?

From 1 November 2022, all Building Digital Skills grant holders from Round 29 onwards will be required to incorporate the two Digital Skills Checkers into their programs as part of their grant T&Cs. At least 50% of their learners must complete both the Getting Started Checker and the Your Progress Checker. Our support resources have been designed to help you to do this. Please carefully read grant T&Cs for more details.

Make sure to count the time it takes to help people fill in the two Checkers in CaptureIT so that these activities count towards your grant targets. Select ‘Learner Surveys’ in CaptureIT then follow the prompts. Learn more about CaptureIT here.

When do people fill them in?

Digital mentors working in the community can use the Checkers at two points in a learner’s journey.

The ‘Getting Started’ skills checker gets completed before you start your support with someone, so you know where you are starting from.

The ‘Your Progress’ skills checker gets completed after your support has been provided to see how much their skills and confidence has improved. For many digital skills programs this will be two-three months later, but you can tailor this timing to suit your program.

How long do they take to fill in?

Depending on the person’s digital skills and confidence, and the level of support they need to fill it in, the digital skills checker tools can take between 5 and 30 minutes to complete.

What steps should I follow to use these Checkers in my program?

  1. A person is supported to fill in the ‘Digital Skills Checker - Getting Started’. They answer a range of questions and fill in their details to receive a personalised report.
  2. The Checker uses their answers to show how confident they are in doing everyday tasks online and highlight next steps for their learning journey on screen. It can also be emailed to them.
  3. The person shares their results with their digital mentor by showing them on screen or emailing them their report.
  4. The digital mentor uses this information to tailor their support to meet the person’s needs
  5. The person receives digital skills support from their mentor
  6. The person fills in ‘Digital Skills Checker - Your Progress’. They fill in a range of questions and fill in their details to get a personalised report with next steps for their learning journey.
  7. The person shares their results with their digital mentor by showing them on screen or emailing them their report.
  8. The digital mentor uses these results to adapt their support to meet their community’s needs.
  9. Good Things Foundation reports on the results from thousands of people across the country to our Australian government funders to show the impact of the Be Connected program on a national scale.

How did you create the Checkers?

Good Things Foundation Australia developed the questions with the experts at Swinburne University who worked on the Be Connected Evaluation and Australian Digital Inclusion Index. It is based on international best practice for assessing digital skills. We then tested the questions with community organisations in our network and their learners, to make the wording and tool as user friendly as possible.

How do I see the results of my learners digital skills assessment?

When a person has completed the survey, they are asked to submit some personal details to see their results. The results will then display on screen, and the person will receive a link to them by email. You can ask the person completing the survey to share their results with you, so you can tailor your support accordingly and see your own impact.

Why do learners need to enter personal details to see results?

We are required by our government funders to report on the impact of the Be Connected program at a national level. The two Checkers help us to do this. We need the personal details being collected for the personalised report to be generated and to report to our government funders on the number of individuals benefiting from the program. We have kept the details being collected to the minimum possible while fulfilling our obligations and take privacy very seriously.

Why do learners need to enter personal details to see results?

Question responses will be stored by Good Things Foundation in line with our privacy policy. We will de-identify information collected in the Checker form when using it for service reporting and improvement purposes required by our Australian Government funders.

Learners can decide whether they would like to submit their personal details at the end after they have had a chance to view all the questions. If they do not enter their details, they will not be able to see the personalised report. They can choose to show a copy of their results to the person they are working with to improve their digital skills.

My learners do not yet have an email address

Some people completing the survey may not have an email address. If that is the case, they can use the email address of the digital mentor they wish to share their results with instead. The rest of the personal details being entered need to be their own.