Australian Seniors Computer Club Association

Australian Seniors Computer Clubs Association (ASCCA) has for the last 20 years been the national peak body representing affiliated Clubs in the encouragement and support of teaching older Australians to become computer literate.

2019 Project

Project location: Northern Territory

ASCCA will deliver a community outreach program in the Northern Territory to engage new Network Partners and support learners by trialling a remote video conferencing digital mentoring model. Implementing learnings from their previous Capacity Building project in WA, the project will also look to establish new Seniors Computer Clubs as an outcome of the project. Through this project and the organisations they will support, ASCCA will support 250 learners who will register on the Be Connected Learning Portal.

2018 Project

Seniors West Australian Digital Expansion (SWADE) project

Project location: Western Australia
Project Status: Complete

In 2017, ASCCA formed Seniors West Australian Digital Expansion (SWADE) in order to undertake expansion specifically in Western Australia. As Capacity Builder partners, ASCCA-SWADE was funded to recruit and support Community Resource Centres and Neighbourhood Centres in joining the Be Connected Network to empower older West Australians to become literate in digital technology.