Ethnic Communities Council of NSW

Ethnic Communities' Council of NSW (ECCNSW) is the peak body for all culturally and linguistically diverse communities in New South Wales.

Project Location: Sydney & Illawarra, NSW

Ethnic Communities’ Council of NSW has been funded to deliver the Be Connected program in Sydney and Illawarra regions of NSW, registering a total of 500 learners.

Sydney Plan/Method: Through the ECC network, the bilingual educators will run information sessions to CALD seniors.

As many CALD older Australian may not have access to a computer at home and/or won’t have the fund to purchase or invest on one, most CALD seniors would have a smart mobile phone/tablets which have access internet connection within the package deal. Therefore, teaching CALD seniors on their mobile phone/ Tablets will give them an access to learning and practising as well as will not increment expenditure on technology.

  • Promotion: Educators will reach the CALD seniors’ group through Multicultural organisation. In addition to reaching the existing senior's groups, we are planning to create a flyer promoting Be Connected workshops in order to engage CALD seniors outside those group settings.
  • Languages: Arabic, Assyrian, Mandarin, Cantonese, Vietnamese, Korean, Greek, Hindi, Urdu, Turkish and Nepalese.
  • Evaluation: Participants will have a chance to complete an evaluation questionnaire at the beginning and at the end of the workshop to reflect the process of learning, list barriers and give recommendations on improvement if any. As well, the educators/facilitators will reflect on their experience in delivering this program.

Illawarra Plan/Method: We are planning to work with the Multicultural Communities Council of Illawarra to engage CALD seniors from Arabic, Serbian, Portuguese and Turkish backgrounds. Be Connected workshop will take a place at the MCCI centre where they cater for CALD seniors’ group. As well, the ECCNSW will be working with the Macedonian Welfare Association to engage the Macedonian seniors through their service.

  • Evaluation: Workers from MCCI and the Macedonian Welfare will provide ECCNSW with an evaluation and feedback on the Illawarra Be connected program.
  • Promotion: Will take a place internally as both MCCI and the Macedonian Welfare run CALD seniors’ group within their services.

Progress Plan

Sydney: Be connected training will take place on Tuesday 14 August. The promotion will start straight after the training. Workshops will commence towards the end of September.

Illawarra: An initial meeting will be organised in September. Training will take a place the first week of October 2018.