Macquarie Community College

Macquarie Community College assists individuals in realising their potential and motivates them to never stop learning.

Project Location: Sydney, NSW

Macquarie Community College - Carlingford (Sydney, NSW) project will be delivered across the Macquarie Community Colleges' 5 campus locations, members of community colleges Australia and other networks using the Be Connected Topic Library.

Macquarie Community College (MCC) is very experienced at working with mature-aged and older students. Client age profile includes many individuals over 50 and client profile in accredited courses is predominately those from NESB. These clients are often newly arrived migrants that are not familiar with how digital Australia works for day to day activities such as job-seeking, accessing government services, banking, bills etc.

MCC students and organisation have multiple links to seniors as individuals and seniors in groups in our communities. There is a deep and broad, long-term expertise in teaching individuals from all walks of life to be more digitally literate.