Bundaberg Regional Libraries

Bundaberg Regional Libraries has a membership base of around 30,000 people and encourage their community to be lifelong learners. Stephen Harris, digital mentor, says digital literacy is a big part of what the library offers, “We signed up as a Network Partner because we realised that digital literacy is an area that needs improvement within Australia and within our regional Queensland community. The Be Connected program is a good way of engaging beginners and helping them on their journey."

Bundaberg Regional Libraries are Network Capacity Builders, which has allowed them to create an engaging Digital Health Literacy Program. This has enabled participants to get a greater understanding of their health and how digital technology integrates with it. Using the Be Connected resources, they have been able to remove obstacles and fears that have prevented many seniors from accessing services such as the My Health Record portal and the Government’s Telehealth portal. Many participants are now using Virtual Reality (pictured) to understand their anatomy and are eager to explore more digital possibilities.

The Bundaberg community has embraced the program. “As we are the local centre for information, the community is pleased that we are making this kind of knowledge and information available. They are extremely happy that we are able to deliver a program like this free of charge,” says Stephen.

Stephen asserts that flexibility is key. “During one Facebook class, we had an individual who had arrived with a very specific request - she wanted to know how to promote her business using Facebook. As she was a more advanced learner, I decided to help her with her Facebook marketing needs while my volunteer continued on with the class. It’s an important reminder to be flexible and take a holistic approach so that everyone gets the learning outcomes they need.”