Kinchella Boys Home Aboriginal Corporation

Kinchela Boys Home Aboriginal Corporation (KBHAC) is a not-for-profit Aboriginal community controlled organisation. Led by the KBH survivors and their families, KBHAC encourages and supports sustainable healing programs that address the legacy of abuse experienced by the KBH survivors as well as the intergenerational trauma experienced by their descendants.

KBHAC have a room of computers at the back of the centre, and teach the Be Connected program, along with many other digital literacy programs available online. KBHAC Digital Mentor, Leo Birch, provides free introductory computer courses tailored to the student’s needs. Leo says, “Our goal right now is to try to get everyone set up with a profile on myGov. We want to support people who are spending a lot of money and time on services that are available for free on myGov.”

Leo assesses the skill level of his students and then sets up a practise plan for them. In the span of one computer class, he can be teaching basic computer skills to the beginners, and more advanced skills like booking airline tickets to others, all while providing an ear to listen and support anyone that walks through the doors. Uncle Richard travels over an hour to get to Leo’s computer classes, and is currently using an online “Learn to Type” program to improve his keyboard skills. His goal is to get set up on myGov to more easily access services online.

One of the learners using a typing program at KBHAC

Uncle Greg, an avid Rabbitohs supporter, started his online journey with the goal of checking the footy scores and maybe creating a Facebook account. After a few months of classes, Uncle Greg now has hundreds of Facebook friends and keeps in touch with his family living in Perth. He is scanning old family photos to share with his daughter and other family members, as well as getting to see photos of his grandchildren. Uncle Greg has come a long way on his online journey and is even toying with the idea of starting his own blog.

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