Sikh Community Connections

Sikh Community Connections has been delivering the Be Connected program to people in Victoria, like Inderjit Singh (above on left). Inderjit has learnt a lot of digital skills from the program, including how to search the internet and explore website content.

“All seniors should do the Be Connected program to learn new skills and talk to a new generation in their language as well,” Inderjit said.

“The program has helped me to connect with a number of Gurbani (Sikh prayers) websites and use my time to educate myself and connect spiritually.”

Inderjit has been able to use what he has learnt from the program to stay connected and updated.

“I use Google search skills to find books and read online, and WhatsApp to connect with my family and friends. I watch cooking shows, entertainment or news videos.”

The Be Connected program has helped Inderjit connect with others and feel socially and mentally at ease, especially during coronavirus restrictions.

“During the pandemic, our digital mentor created a WhatsApp group to keep us all connected with each other. I also feel more confident that I am not cut out from the rest of the world.”

“The program helped me to make new friends and I feel stronger with a bigger social circle,” Inderjit said.

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As a multicultural support centre, this centre offers Be Connected in English, Hindi and Tamil.