How we’ve been engaging with network partners

During August and September, we’ve been reaching out to individuals and organisations across Australia to invite them to join the Be Connected Network. This has been an opportunity to talk to those already supporting older Australians to improve their digital literacy to understand more about what they do, their challenges and what kind of support they’d benefit from.

To date, we’ve:

  • Contacted more than 1,300 organisations to share details about the Be Connected Network
  • Met over 125 people through face-to-face workshops in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Glenorchy and Perth (more are planned for Darwin, Canberra and we’ll be adding more places in over the coming months)
  • Run 5 webinars to talk about the Be Connected Network and consult about resources we’re planning to create for Network Partners

These workshops and webinars have allowed us to consult with a variety of organisations about our network offer, helping us to shape support and resources including: 

  • Training resources - either for older Australians themselves or those who support them (tutors, volunteers)
  • Other resources e.g. equipment
  • Support with volunteers e.g. recruiting, training
  • Opportunities to network with similar organisations 
  • Awareness raising. 

It's been great getting out and speaking to lots of different people, below is an example of some of the feedback received so far: