How to get involved in Safer Internet Day 2022

Key messages

  • Safer Internet Day is 8 February 2022.
  • Celebrated in 170 countries, Safer Internet Day encourages people across the world to make the internet a safer, more positive place.
  • The eSafety Commissioner (eSafety) is the official coordinator of the global Safer Internet Day effort in Australia.
  • eSafety's campaign theme for 2022 is #PlayitFairOnline.

The Play it Fair Online theme is all about working together to stop online abuse. We can all help to make life online enjoyable by being kind and respectful to each other.

Everyone getting involved is encouraged to download the ‘workplace and community campaign kit’ on the Safer Internet Day website. This contains social media images, backgrounds to use on Zoom and Microsoft Teams meetings, digital campaign posters and email signatures. There is also a ‘campaign kit’ document with suggested text to use in social media posts, emails and recorded video.

Tips for posting on social media

  • The campaign kit has lots of written posts that you can copy and paste. Use these as a base and then add your own flair to make it your own!
  • Posts with images get more attention. The campaign kit includes static and animated images that you can use. You may also want to consider sharing a recent photo from one of your digital skills sessions.
  • Use the #PlayitFairOnline hashtag so other people can find your posts easily. Browse the hashtag and like, comment and share posts from other people and organisations.
  • Other hashtags you can use include #SID2022 #SaferInternetDay #BeConnectedAU. You can also use your area hashtags (i.e. #Dubbo, #Melbourne) to attract local attention.
  • Tag Good Things Foundation Australia so we can engage with your post. 

Ideas to get involved

The key way to get involved is to show your support on social media. If you’d like to do something more, we’ve listed some suggestions for ways to host local events and activities relating to the day.

  • Host a digital skills session about online safety - The Be Connected Learning Portal has tons of courses that will help your learners learn about online safety. These include: 
  • Email your learners - Share a message about your support for Safer Internet Day and how they can improve their skills in your programs. 
  • Spot the troll - The Clemson University Media Forensics Hub has a helpful ‘spot the troll’ activity where you try to spot misinformation and fake social media accounts. This activity is helpful for everyone, regardless of your digital skill level, so share it with your learners and colleagues. 
  • Spot the scam - Scamwatch has an activity on their website to help build scam detection skills. Share this article with your colleagues or host a digital skills session with your learners. 
  • Bring in a guest speaker - Ask an expert to attend your digital skills session to give a talk about online safety or spotting misinformation.
  • Host a morning tea with your colleagues - Make online safety everyone’s business. Gather with your team and swap some online safety tips over some tea and biccies. You can even use this as an opportunity to share an update on what you are doing in your Be Connected program.
  • Share information with your colleagues - If you’re working from home, you can share info about the campaign by email or if your organisation uses an instant messaging service like Slack or Microsoft Teams, this is an excellent channel to start the conversation. 

Don’t forget about us!

Safer Internet Day is celebrated across the world by all different types of organisations and workplaces. If you’d like us to see what you’re doing, please tag the Good Things Foundation Australia account in your post.

You can find us on:

If you’re doing something special and want to share it with the Network, you can also post directly in the Be Connected Network Partners Facebook Group.