The Be Connected Network

You can sign up to our network in three simple steps:

  1. Register for an account on Be Connected
  2. Fill in the Join the Network form
  3. Submit your form and start applying for funding

Join the network

The Be Connected Network is made up of community partners from around Australia helping to make a difference in the lives of digitally excluded people. There are over 3,000 Network Partners across Australia, from libraries to Men's Sheds, community centres to retirement villages, and computer clubs to cultural groups.

These Network Partners have access to a dedicated Be Connected website with information and interactive training tools and resources for older Australians, their families and peers, and local community organisations. A friendly face and non-judgemental support are always available when you walk through the door of any community organisation in the Be Connected Network.

Why join the Network

Organisations who join the Network have access to:

Support for your delivery

Promotion via our online map

A learner management system

Fantastic learning content

Help to find digital mentors

Help to market yourself

Funding opportunities

Training and resources

Information sharing

We will listen to your feedback and evolve the network offer based on your needs and the needs of the network partners across Australia.

To be eligible to join the Network you'll need to:

  • Provide free and friendly support to help people use the internet
  • Commit to helping at least three new people (seniors) per month.
  • Keep yourself legal and protected - with accessible premises, public liability insurance, and police checks for Digital Mentors and volunteers.

And you must sign up to our Quality Promise

The quality promise is simple. It asks that every partner of the Network follows six simple promises to help every person who comes through the door to get online. These promises are:

  1. Everyone is given a friendly welcome.
  2. Everyone is offered a safe place to learn.
  3. Everyone is treated fairly with respect
  4. Everyone is given free help and support to use computers and the internet to gain basic digital skills.
  5. Everyone is provided with a clear journey so they know what skills they are going to be taught.
  6. Everyone is given advice on what to do next, including being signposted to progression opportunities outside of your organisations

Find other community organisations that share a passion for digital inclusion who are part of the network.

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