Good Things Foundation presents the 2020 Network Partner Meetups - now online for the very first time!

Network Partner Meetups are an excellent way to meet others like you who are delivering digital literacy programs for their community. Come along and hear what's been happening in the Be Connected program as well as find out what's to come over the next few months. 

There are four opportunities for you to attend this event, and registrations are essential:



Time (AEST)


5 August 2020

Online Network Partner Meetup 1


Session full

6 August 2020

Online Network Partner Meetup 2


Session full

11 August 2020

Online Network Partner Meetup 3


Session full

12 August 2020

Online Network Partner Meetup 4


Quick Meet-up FAQs

Do I need anything to be able to attend the event?

To have an enjoyable experience we suggest preparing the following:

  • A computer/tablet with an inbuilt or connected camera.
  • Access to a good internet connection.
  • Headphones or earphones with a built-in microphone.
  • Install Zoom on your computer or tablet.
  • A quiet room that will allow you to turn on your camera and microphone at anytime.
  • Something to hold your device at an optimum height and distance, so everyone can see your full profile.
  • A cup of your favourite warm drink and some snacks!

What type of device will I need to access this event?

This event is being hosted on Zoom Meetings. You can access the event using any device that is compatible with the platform. We want you to see all the action, so we recommend using a laptop or tablet with an inbuilt or connected camera. Head/earphones with an inbuilt microphone will help us hear you more clearly than your device’s default microphone.

Can we bring more than one person from our organisation?

Yes! Each person must register their own spot and each attendee needs to use a separate camera-connected device. 

If you plan on being in the same room while attending the event, we ask that you participate in separate spaces during activities and workshops. This will prevent audio feedback issues that usually happen when more than one speaker and microphone are active in the same vicinity. Feel free to get in touch with us beforehand if you need tips on how to plan for this.

I can’t get there on that day. Will there be another way to hear what happened?

We’re hosting the same event over multiple sessions, so if you can’t make this one we recommend joining one of the other sessions. Some limited footage from the event may be available after the events are held. Depending on demand for the events, we may open up more sessions at a later date.

Is the event being recorded?

All events are being recorded, but if you wish to not be recorded you can let us know during registration. We plan on using this footage internally to help us evaluate the event and create new resources. We may repurpose the recording for external uses including as an online video, social media content, webpages and promotional materials. 

I am not in the Be Connected Network yet - can I still join the event?

Yes. We recommend giving us a call first so we can talk you through Be Connected basics and make sure you get the most out of the session. Our number is (02) 9051 9292.

I have accessibility requirements. Will these be catered for?

Yes, please inform us of your requirements in your registration form. You can also reach out to us by phone (02) 9051 9292 and email: