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Network Stories

Take a look at the stories from within the Be Connected Network. These Network Partners have some great tips & tricks, as well as advice to other partners about delivering digital skills training and utilising the Be Connected grants program.

If you're a Network Partner with a story to share, please get in touch.

Recent stories:

IERA saw a need for technology classes where their members could learn digital skills in a comfortable setting.

Find out what ingredients this grassroots community centre uses to engage learners with their Be Connected program.

Watch this library's story on connecting seniors to technology, helping them shop and connect with friends and family online.

Watch this video about the importance leveraging on the the social components of computer clubs.

Alister Willis, Library Services Officer shares his journey from volunteer to digital mentor.

Find out how to use Be Connected in a computer club.

All stories:

Pat emphasises the value of catering for the actual needs of participants while keeping in mind that seniors also want to have a bit of fun.

This Network Partner hosts digital skills training sessions in their op shops on the Sunshine Coast.

Learn how this library combines health and digital technology in its digital health literacy program.

Take a look at how they've been engaging their local community since joining the Be Connected Network.

Learn how Campbelltown Library utilises the Be Connected resources alongside their existing digital skills program.

Derrinallum Library uses a community-style approach when utilising the Be Connected resources.

Read how an Activation grant helped this Network Partner build their Be Connected program.

Learn how Susan teaches practical skills to inspire learning for her residents.

As a multicultural support centre, this centre offers Be Connected in English, Hindi and Tamil.

Kingston Library is using new technology like robots and VR to inspire learning with their seniors.

KBHAC teach the Be Connected program along with many other digital literacy programs in their computer room.

Learn how Be Connected has been used to build seniors confidence using Government services online.

This Capacity Builder is supporting their students over 50 to improve their digital skills.

With over 19 years of experience, teaching older people about technology isn't new for this Network Partner.

Be Connected class participants return for both the digital skills and the social connections they're making.

Be Connected grants have opened up new doors for this community centre on the Gold Coast.

This NSW Seniors' Centre finds the Be Connected program is a perfect fit for their community.

Yarra Libraries share our vision of improving digital literacy and social inclusion for older Australians.