Facebook group

Connecting the network

One of the great strengths of the Be Connected Network is how it brings together those who support people who need it in thousands of communities across Australia. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to connect to each other - to share your experiences and learn from each other’s struggles and successes.

We hope the Be Connected Network Facebook group helps you realise that although it can often feel like it, you’re not on your own in the work you do helping people improve their lives. There’s almost certainly another Network Partner facing exactly the same challenges as you, whether in the next town, or at the other end of the country.

Why join?

Some of the key things we think the group could be useful for are:

  • Questions - If you’re struggling with a particular local issue, use the group to find out how someone else has dealt with it.

  • Celebrations - If you’ve got some local press attention you’re really proud of, a particular project has turned out great or you won an award, share it with the group. Success for one Network Partner is a success for the whole Network and you never know what your colleagues might be able to learn from what you’ve been up to.

  • Funding - We know funding is hard to come by, so if you know of any opportunities that could be useful to the Network, please share the information to the group.

These are just some suggestions, the conversation really is up to you!

A group for YOU

The group isn’t just another channel for us to tell you stuff about us (although we do occasionally post reminders and special updates). This is a space for you to connect with other Network Partners and share your tips and stories. 

As the Facebook group is private, only staff and volunteers from the Be Connected Network can join. To keep things on topic, we won’t approve learners into the group, but if one of your learners starts to volunteer as a digital mentor, then they are more than welcome to join. We hope by keeping membership exclusive, that this will be a place you feel happy to chat freely about your organisation’s achievements and struggles.

Nothing you post will be visible to your Facebook friends or appear on your wall, which should help you keep your work and personal lives separate.

Join today

To join the group, visit www.facebook.com/groups/beconnectednetworkpartners and make a join request. You will be prompted to answer some questions to help us verify your membership eligibility.