MacDonnell Regional Council

MacDonnell Regional Council covers 13 major remote communities as well as many outstations and numerous established and emerging enterprises in the pastoral, tourism and mining industries.

Project location: MacDonnell Ranges, NT

MacDonnell Regional Council is being funded to deliver the intergenerational digital literacy, safety and culture project, 'MacConnect', within their Council area in the Northern Territory. The Council will deliver intergenerational workshops for staff and community members in 13 remote communities. MacConnect will work under the model that Aboriginal communities in the Central Desert Region have been using for thousands of years, ensuring positive outcomes and enriching experiences for all involved. Working within a participatory model and intergenerational learning, the MacConnect facilitator will continually consult with residents and access program delivery, content and approach. Through this project, MacDonnell Regional Council will support 250 people who will register on the Be Connected Learning Portal.