Changes to Building Digital Skills grants

The Building Digital Skills grant helps organisations deliver free Be Connected digital literacy programs to older Australians in their community.

From May 2023, there are some changes to this grant program. Grant length and the number of people you need to support will be reduced. The amount of funding available through this grant will stay the same.

Do you want to understand why and what the main changes are? Check out the FAQ below.

Why are Building Digital Skills grant contracts changing?

The current Be Connected program funding we receive from the Australian Government is due to end on 30 June 2024. This means that all grants we offer under this program must be completed by 31 May 2024.

We still want to offer grants because we know they are so important to running effective digital skills programs. So we are now offering our grants with reduced timeframe (terms) and learner numbers.

Why have learner numbers for Building Digital Skills grants been reduced?

You will have less time to deliver your grant funded programs, so we have reduced how many people you need to support. This helps you to keep the quality of the programs high. The good news is the amount of money you receive will stay the same.

How do I know how many people I need to help and by when?

Every Building Digital Skills grant has grant guidelines. Read these carefully to see how the reduced learner targets and timeframe apply to that grant round.

When is the last Building Digital Skills grant round under the current Be Connected program that I can apply for?

The last Building Digital Skills grant round under the current Be Connected Program will be Round 48. The application period for this round is 28 August to 29 September 2023.

The delivery period for this grant will be 7 months long, from 1 November 2023 to 31 May 2024.

Do I still have to do CaptureIT and the Skills Checker?

Yes. The funding allocation and terms and conditions of the Building Digital Skills grant will remain the same. The only change to the program is the reduction of the timeframe and learner target numbers.

I have a Building Digital Skills grant from a previous round. Does this affect me?

No. The changes to the learner target numbers and grant length apply only to Building Digital Skills Rounds 44 to 48.

You will be expected to deliver your Building Digital Skills grant per the terms and conditions you accepted when awarded a grant.

What will happen if I don't reach my learner targets in time?

We appreciate that sometimes due to unforeseen circumstances, organisations may have to pause their program for a period. However, unlike previous grant rounds, the option to extend the term of the grant is not available for Building Digital Skills rounds 44 to 48.

If you are encountering difficulties in delivering your program, don't hesitate to contact our grants team to discuss your options. It is better to chat to us as early as possible.

I want to apply for a Specialist grant contract. Will these also change?

Yes, the reduced number of people you need to support and the shorter delivery period also applies to Specialist Building Digital Skills grants

Why is Be Connected funding ending in 2024 and what are you doing to extend it?

The current Be Connected program funding we receive from the Australian Government is due to end on 30 June 2024.

We are advocating hard for the program to continue beyond this date. We have seen the incredible impact it has in the community and how important the program is to closing Australia's digital divide. You can see what we are calling for in our most recent Federal Budget submission on the Good Things Foundation website.

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Interested in applying for a Building Digital Skills grant? Read our grant guidelines to find out more.