Digital Sisters program

Digital Sisters program

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Join Good Things Foundation's new digital inclusion program for refugee and migrant women.

Together we can empower women to build digital skills, confidence and connections in the Australian community.

Digital Sisters is our new program to build digital skills and confidence of refugee and migrant women. We want to make sure that everyone has the essential skills required to connect with the community and access the workforce.

With our 20 community partners, we will be working to close the digital divide for refugee and migrant women.

About the Digital Sisters program

Digital Sisters is a new digital inclusion program by Good Things Foundation Australia for refugee and migrant women. The program aims to empower women to build digital skills, confidence and connections in the Australian community.

With our partners, we are creating a digital literacy program for refugee and migrant women aged 18 to 50 years. The program is being designed to be culturally appropriate and build skills and connections in local people, support services and communities.

We have funded 20 community partners to help us create this program and deliver digital skills support to refugee and migrant women in their community.

Participating organisations will receive $20,000 grant funding, training and support.

Good Things Foundation Australia is partnering with HOST International and our network of community organisations to deliver the Digital Sisters program.

Who can apply?

20 community organisations in our network will be grant-funded to participate in the program. New organisations can join the network to take part in this program.

We want to work with organisations who have existing connections with refugee and migrant women. Ideally you will have 2 bilingual staff or volunteers who will work on this project and provide digital skills support.

What do I have to do?

Nominate community leaders for digital mentor training:

  • Nominate at least 2 Digital Mentors to participate in 3 digital mentor training sessions hosted by Good Things Foundation. It is preferred that the digital mentors are bilingual women or mens already working in the community, where possible.

Help us design the program and support resources:

  • Participate in program co-design and resource testing activities
  • Participate in community of practice meetings online and support phone calls to share information, insights and good practice

Provide digital skills support to your community:

  • Provide digital literacy support to at least 40 migrant and refugee women in their community (aged 18 - 50 years)
  • Host promotional events to inform their community of the support available through their program

Help us measure the impact of the program:

  • Record and report on who they have supported through their digital skills program
  • Support outcomes measurement and evaluation activities. This will include measuring outcomes for migrant and refugee women, Digital Mentors, and your organisation
  • Be prepared to share learner journeys and good news stories so that Good Things Foundation can create case studies
  • Submit a final report and financial acquittal

Make sure you read the grant guidelines and T&Cs carefully before you apply.

What support is available?

Participating organisations will receive support from Good Things Foundation including:

  • $20,000 grant funding
  • Professional development training for 2 Digital Mentors
  • Digital mentor training package and delivery resources
  • Individual phone support calls
  • Support to promote the project
  • Marketing materials for you to promote your events

You can also get in touch with the Good Things Foundation Australia team for one-on-one support by calling (02) 9051 9292 or emailing

Watch our webinar recording

Review the Info session webinar to learn more about the program and how to apply for the $20,000 grant.

Grant application documents

Please read our grant guidelines carefully before you apply. They contain critical information that can help you understand eligibility and what you need to do for the grant. The guidelines also include a list of all the grant application questions to help you prepare.

*Grant guidelines and T&Cs are subject to change.

Frequently Asked Questions

Click the buttons below to read answers to questions about our new Digital Sisters program

The target group for Digital Sisters programs are refugee and migrant women from 18 to 50 years of age.

Yes, you need an active ABN to apply for this program and grant funding. Also, your organisation needs to:

  • Be a member of the Be Connected Network - If you are not yet a Network Partner, you can join using the Joining the Network page on our website. You can apply for the grant as soon as you submit the Join the Network form
  • Already have contact with migrant and refugee women and be providing support to them
  • Have an ABN

Log in to the Be Connected Network and select ‘Apply for grant’. Full grant guidelines, terms and conditions and grant application templates are available on our website.

The Be Connected Network is Good Things Foundation’s national network of community organisations helping to close the digital divide. There are over 3,500 Network Partners across Australia.

Community organisations in our network get access to grant funding, specialist training, free resources and support from Good Things Foundation to help their community get more safely and confidently online.

To join the network, fill in our online registration form.

The project is 10 months long. The program starts with grants being awarded from 4 August 2023 to 30 June 2024.

There is no specific visa status or amount of time to be eligible to participate in the Digital Sisters program. We want to assist as many women as possible to help them connect with the community and access the workforce.

We know this is an important topic for you, and we are working to find the easiest and safest way to collect data and measure the impact of our program. We will protect the privacy of every participant, and more details will be provided in the future.

The co-design process is when organisations who get the grants, HOST International and Good Things Foundation, will work together to understand the barriers and the relevant topics for your community of refugee and migrant women. Identify their needs and work together on the logistics, resources and program definitions.

To this process, your organisation should bring in the most involved person who knows more about your organisation and your community. It is not relevant their actual role or future participation in the program.

Grant funds can be used for expenses directly related to the delivery of your project. The funds can be used for costs such as:

  • Communications, promotion and marketing expenses
  • Police checks for all staff and involved in delivering the program, if not in place already
  • Travel
  • Staffing costs
  • Project management costs
  • Catering and food for your event
  • Venue hire
  • Equipment and delivery costs

You are required to clearly outline what you will spend the grant funds on in the budget you submit with your application.


  • Funding cannot be used for capital works (building or construction materials)

A Digital Mentor is someone who will help learners feel more confident when using digital technology. Is the person who will be trained by us to be able to support people and teach them new digital skills.

The Digital Mentor doesn’t need to be a tech person or an IT expert, is just someone motivated, looking to inspire others and with a good attitude to teach. To learn more about the role of a digital mentor, download this document

It Is not mandatory to have a bilingual digital mentor. But, for the purpose of the program it is preferred that mentors speak the community language or have plans for translation in place at time of application. This will help us to better support refugee and new migrant women.

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Learn more about the digital gender divide

Learn more about the digital gender divide and how it impacts migrant and refugee women on the Good Things Foundation Australia website.

Applications open 3 July 2023. $1,000 grants to host an event during Get Online Week (16-22 October 2023).

Start up or expand your Be Connected digital skills program with up to $10,000 in grants available.