Capacity Building grant

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Applications for the $50,000 Capacity Building grant are now closed.

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This round of the Capacity Building grant is an opportunity for Network Partners to implement a train-the-trainer program to support and develop new digital mentors in their community.

This round has 25 places available for organisations to start their 10 month program in September 2020. Each Capacity Builder will be required to train and support 80 Digital Mentors (40 in outer regional, remote and very remote areas).

Capacity Builders are ambassadors for Good Things Foundation and the Be Connected Network. They work with Good Things Foundation to support the Be Connected program, helping them to strengthen the Network and support community organisations to meet the needs of older Australians seeking to improve their digital skills.

Am I eligible?

In order to apply for this funding, you must:

  • Be a Be Connected Network Partner. If you're not already part of the Network, click here to join.
  • Provide an ABN number.
  • Have public liability insurance.

What do I have to do for the grant?

Every Capacity Builder is required to:

  • Select a qualified Lead Digital Mentor, with experience in training and digital literacy skills, who will train digital mentors.
  • The Lead Digital Mentor must participate in compulsory online training provided by Good Things Foundation (organisations who have a Lead Digital Mentor trained from a previous Capacity Building Grant are still required to nominate a staff member to attend the online training session)
  • The Lead Digital Mentor will deliver online or face-to-face training, using Good Things Foundation’s training package, to 80 digital mentors (40 in outer regional, remote and very remote areas)
  • Ensure digital mentors complete an evaluation survey, which will be made available to Good Things Foundation
  • Demonstrate the Be Connected learning portal and resources to trained digital mentors and ensure they are competent in using Be Connected resources
  • Provide ongoing mentoring to digital mentors trained by your organisation (minimum of 2 hours per trained digital mentor over the 10 month contract period)
  • Submit a mid term progress report, and at the end of the grant term, a final report and Audited Financial Statement


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