Digital Devices grant

Connect your community with loan devices

Applications for the $2,500 and $5,000 Digital Devices grant are now closed. Devices to help teach digital skills to seniors can be purchased with the Building Digital Skills grant.

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Digital Devices grants are one-off $2,500 or $5,000 grants to help fund organisations within the Be Connected Network to loan devices and data to socially isolated or disadvantaged learners over 50. Network Partners who have an Activation, Building Digital Skills or Capacity Building grant are eligible to apply. 

75% of surveyed Be Connected Network have said that some or all of their learners lack devices to use at home, limiting their ability to improve their digital skills, access support services and essential information. We also know that not having access to the internet has severely reduced many Australian’s over 50 ability to stay in touch with friends and family during this time.  

Running Be Connected remotely

With the introduction of social distancing laws, Tricia Pye and her digital mentors from The Tec Exec, have found new ways to provide support to Australian’s over 50 through Zoom with 28 participants on their first digital session.

Tricia says “As virtual training specialists, it was a natural transition for us to move to online learning. Our first session on Zoom was was an amazing experience, especially when I saw their initial reaction to joining an online meeting for the first time. They later told me joining an online meeting added to their independence and it was now something they wanted to do and share with their friends and families."

About the Digital Devices Grant Program 

Be Connected is an Australian government initiative committed to increasing the confidence, skills and online safety of older Australians. Be Connected aims to empower everyone to use the internet and everyday technology to thrive in our digital world. Good Things Foundation manages the Be Connected Network and Grants program.

One-off grants are available to Be Connected Network Partners through this funding round to purchase digital devices to loan out to older Australians who are socially isolated and require them to connect online. At the end of the loan period, the devices must be returned to the Network Partner for ongoing use in the Be Connected program.  

A total of $1 million of grant funding is available to be distributed through the Digital Devices grant program with applications assessed on merit.

Eligibility - Who can apply?

Funding is available to Be Connected Network Partners who have an active Be Connected Activation, Building Digital Skills or Capacity Building grant delivering digital literacy support to older Australians aged 50+. 

If you are not sure whether your contract is still active - please contact Good Things Foundation to check.

What do I have to do for the grant?

The grant will support Network Partners to purchase digital devices to loan to older Australians during the COVID-19 outbreak and social distancing period.

Network Partners will manage the loan process, and are responsible for repairs of faults, managing breakages, resolving issues with the loaned device, and ensuring appropriate and thorough cleaning processes are in place in between loans.

Successful applicants will be required to:

  • Purchase digital devices with 6 months prepaid sim cards and arrange safe transportation to loan purchased devices to older Australians aged 50+. Examples of internet packages can be read here, but we recommend doing your own research to find suitable devices for your community.
  • Clearly outline the loan arrangements with the learner to include:
    • The term of the loan
    • What they would do in the event of damage/loss during the loan term
    • How they would deliver the device and sim to the Learner
  • Detail who will receive the loaned device and how they were identified
  • Outline how you will support them to use the device and access the Be Connected program throughout the COVID-19 social distancing period
  • Be Grant ready - purchase devices within one month of receiving notification of funding

Digital devices can be loaned to learners through the COVID-19 social distancing period and through to 31 December 2020. At the end of the COVID-19 social distancing period it is expected that the device is returned to the Network Partner for use in the ongoing delivery of their Be Connected program.

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