Digital Sisters resources library

The following resources are for our Digital Sisters program Partners to help refugee and immigrant women improve their digital skills and feel more confident when going online.

Resources have been selected after the co-design process we did with the 20 organisations participating in this program, Good Things Foundation and HOST International.

On this page resources are organised by the following topics:

We also have Marketing resources available. Download the guide to promote your sessions and learn all that you need to spread the word about your sessions. You can find downloadable social media designs, posters and a certificate for your attendees.

Download the Digital Sisters Kit document

Check out all the information you need about this program. Revisit the Digital Mentor recording, check the dates and timeline, and have a look at the reporting requirements and all the information you need to deliver this program.

Good Things Foundation - Learning

These resources are available on different sites and platforms managed by Good Things Foundation. They will help you with your everyday tasks and with basic technology knowledge and skills. These resources are easy to read and contain reliable information.

e-Safety Resources

These resources and courses are available on the official e-Safety website. They will help you with your everyday tasks and with basic technology knowledge and skills, some of them are more focused on advanced skills. They are easy to read and contain reliable information. All the resources are available in more than ten different languages.

Health focussed resources

These resources are available on the Good Things Foundation learning site and on the Be Connected website, and contain relevant information about getting reliable health information online, mental health and other topics. There is a mix of resources, online courses and information that can help you in your health and wellbeing.

Translation and Government support programs

These resources are official Government support, focused on translations, migrant programs and support in different languages other than English.

Family focussed resources

These resources are focused on helping families to get online safer and more confident. They are a series of tipsheets about various topics like using the internet, emails, passwords, myGov, and more. They will help you with your everyday tasks and with basic technology knowledge and skills.

Immigration and visa information

Relevant information related to Immigration and visas. Visit these official Government websites and get reliable and useful information, resources and support.

Accessibility resources

These resources are focused on making events, devices and resources easier to use and access for everyone. We have also included some specific device accessibility courses and resources for beginners or people with low vision and other disabilities.

Used or developed by Digital Sisters community organisations

If you have useful learning resources that can be used for other organisations, send them to us at, and we will add them to this list.

Marketing resources to promote your sessions

Check out the Marketing resources we have available to help you promote your Digital Sisters sessions. We have a guide with tips, texts and helpful information to promote your events. We also have downloadable resources, posters and social media images to use, and a participation certificate to print and give to your attendees.

    Check out the guide to promote your sessions and learn all the tips and tricks to let everyone know that you are participating in Digital Sisters and to invite women in your community to go to your events. We have wording available for you to use and tips to make the most of your social platforms.

    We have two posters for you to download and print. In one of them, you can add your organisation logo. These posters can be really helpful in getting the word out to your community, especially those that are not yet online or have limited digital skills. Make sure these materials include your organisation name, phone number and information about your digital skills sessions. Be strategic with where you distribute these materials. Displaying these in your centre is great, but you will reach more people if you display these across your entire community.

    Using social media to spread the word about your participation in Digital Sisters is effective and relatively easy. You have to use the platforms you have available, create attractive messages and use some of the images we have available for you. Let everyone know you have sessions and events available for women in your community, and invite them to participate. Add always your event information, date, address and what they can expect. Download the mockups we have for you, use them as they are or add your logo and more details.

    Download and print the participation certificate and give it to the attendees of your sessions, this is a great reward and motivation. Add their names and the signature of the digital mentor. You can do it manually after printing it or editing it on the computer and adding their details.